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Minimum time for RNA extraction

To mount an effective response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus global outbreak, diagnostic labarotories needed fast and reliable large-scale PCR testing for this virus. Many labs looked to automation to boost throughput and precision as well as to reduce hands-on time, and to improve the quality of extracted RNA.

A major bottleneck, however, encountered with automated workflows was the laborious and time-consuming RNA extraction methods used for viral genetic material. Other bottlenecks were the effort required to integrate kits into existing platforms and the adaptation of workflows to varying throughputs.

To meet the needs of diagnostic laboratories testing for SAR-CoV-2, we developed an automated workflow based on the fastest viral nucleic acid extraction technology currently available. Our protocol enables you to minimize the extraction time needed for SARS-CoV-2 RNA and is easily integrated and scaled to your throughput needs. We provide support for quick and smooth implementation as well as to optimize your individual sample extraction workflow.

Speed up

Extract 348 samples and set up PCR in less than 1.5 hours

Optimize workflow

Fewer workflow steps than conventional protocols

Adapt throughput to your needs

Medium- or high-throughput solutions for flexibility and cost efficiency

Integrate easily

Workflow simplicity for easy integration on different platforms

Get inhibitor-free RNA

Highly pure viral SARS-CoV-2 RNA for reliable and reproducible RT-qPCR

Reduce consumable costs

Reduced consumable consumption compared to other methods

Sustainability is in our DNA:

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle with EchoLUTION

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Up to 384 samples in less than 1.5 hours

The EchoLUTION Viral RNA/DNA Swab Kit provides rapid and reliable large-scale testing for COVID-19 diagnosis in a shorter time than conventional technologies. The automated workflow is based on instant virus lysis without incubation, followed by a one-minute, single-step centrifugation for purification. This kit is the fastest available on the market for viral nucleic acid extraction:

  • Extract viral RNA from 384 patient samples, including PCR setup, in less than 1.5 hours
  • Obtain reliable, reproducible, sensitive, and traceable results without cross-contamination

The automated protocol is compatible with the Hamilton Microlab STAR M and Hamilton STARlet liquid handling systems for both dry swabs and swabs in UTM in 96- and 48-well plate formats.

“The automated RNA extraction workflow allowed us to process the large volumes of samples we received from hospitals and others much faster. The most important thing in fighting the Corona pandemic, especially at the beginning, was not to be able to send a positive result days later, but within 24 hours.

Dr. Thomas Fenner, 
Managing Director,  Labor Dr. Fenner & Kollegen MVZ, Germany

Customize your extraction workflow

Take advantage of our expertise to get your desired kit implemented on your automated liquid-handling system.

We support you to set up your individual automation workflow – from initial discussion and experimental setup to troubleshooting and ongoing optimization.

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Automated workflow for SARS-CoV-2 RNA extraction

Application Note: Automated workflow of viral RNA/DNA purification from patient samples on the Hamilton Microlab® STAR™ Liquid Handling System.

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