Adhesive Foil (air-permeable, 50)
Air-permeable foil for microplates sealing.

BioEcho Cap Puncher
For efficient handling of EchoLUTION Spin Columns.

BioEcho Film Sealing Roller
For fast sealling of 96-well microplates.

BioEcho Spin Columns, non-filled (250)
Empty spin columns, which can be filled with matrix of your choice.

BioEcho Tissue Grinding Pestles (100)
For plant and tissue grinding.

CeraTool Scalpel
For excision, dissection and histology preparation of diverse samples.

From €6.50*
Conditioning Plates
Required for conditioning of purification plates in EchoLUTION nucleic acid extraction kits (plate-formats only).Features:Sustainability: Less plastic consumption compared to other extraction methods. This plate can be reused up to 20 times for purification plate preparation (conditioning). 

From €17.00*
Elution & Conditioning Plate 384 (8)
For conditioning of 384-well microplates.

Elution Plate 96 Type 1 (8)
For elution of nucleic acids.

Push Cap Mat (8)
For sealing of 96-well microplates. With individual plugs for simple access to individual samples.

Sealing Foil, airtight (50)
Hermetic foil for 96 and 384-well microplates sealing.

Silicone Mat 96 (8)
For tight sealing of 96-well plates. Perfectly suited for bead-beating of samples.

Spin Column Adapter for Plate Centrifuges (2 Adapters)
To centrifuge spin columns in plate centrifuges.

Steel Beads
For fast and efficient sample homogenization.

From €50.00*
Tube & Cap Strips (24 x 96, racked)
For efficient sample homogenization and lysis. 

Lysis Plate 96, Type 1 (8)
For sample lysis. Lysis Plate 96 Type 1, round-well 1 mL (8 plates).

Variants from €66.00*
Lysis Plate 96, Type 2 (8)
For sample lysis. Lysis Plate 96 Type 2, round-well 0.5 mL (8 plates). 

Variants from €66.00*
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