FFPE RNA Extraction

Superior RNA from FFPE tissues enhancing transcriptomic analysis

The EchoLUTION FFPE RNA Kit simplifies the RNA extraction from any FFPE tissue. An optimized decrosslinking as well as paraffin and detergent removal step followed by our single-step EchoLUTION technology enables rapid and effective RNA extraction. The result is a high yield RNA suited for downstream applications of your choice. Besides, the extracted RNA exhibits superior quality for RNA-seq allowing more unique mappers and gene count detection. 

3 x faster 

Compared to conventional methods

Superior RNA

Obtain high-quality RNA and enhance your RNA-seq

Less hazardous reagents

Reduced to a minimum, for you and the environment

Much faster than conventional methods

Enhanced RNA-seq: larger gene count with EchoLUTION™

Transcriptome analysis of RNA isolated from tumor and normal brain FFPE tissues. A. The percentage of trimmed reads is represented from a total of 2 M reads. The number of unique mappers is higher for samples extracted with EchoLUTION than with the silica method. B. Larger number of detected genes with EchoLUTION than with the silica-based method. N = 2 biological replicates per sample. Error bars represent standard deviation. 

For single-step spin column purification of total RNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples. Features: Convenience: Simplified workflow with fewer hands-on steps than conventional kits.Speed: Optimized tissue lysis combined with single-step purification leads to a 30 % faster protocol than established kits.High sensitivity: Highly pure RNA free of contaminants and inhibitors.Reliable results: High purity and competitive RNA integrity perfectly suited for downstream applications such as RT-qPCR, and RNA-seq. Sustainability: Up to 35 % less plastic consumption compared to conventional methods; no use of hazardous xylene or other organic solvents.

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Nucleic acid extraction from FFPE tissues

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FFPE Tissues RNA Extraction with EchoLUTION Enhances RNA-seq

Improved convenience in handling FFPE samples and enhanced RNA-seq outcomes

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