EchoCLEAN RNA CleanUp Kit (10)

For efficient clean up of RNA samples. 


Convenience and speed: Workflow complete in less than 10 minutes.
High sensitivity: Highly pure RNA free of primers, contaminants, and inhibitors
Reliable results: Clean up without using organic solvents like ethanol or additional buffers result in an inhibitor-free RNA suitable for downstream applications such as PCR and RNA-Seq.
Sustainability: Up to 70% less plastic consumption compared to other extraction methods.

Kit content:

  • Low-TE Buffer (1 X 1.2 mL)
  • Spin Columns RNA Cleanup (10 columns)

Available downloads:

Safety data sheet (SDS) and certificate of analysis (CoA) can be requested via

„In our routine viral and bacterial infectious diseases diagnostics, we see inhibition in our PCR assay with DNA and RNA preparations from time to time, e. g., when isolated from patient stool samples. In these cases, we very successfully use BioEcho’s EchoCLEAN DNA or RNA CleanUp kits to recover PCR detection. EchoCLEAN works perfectly well for removal of inhibitors that seem to co-purify with traditional extraction methods.”

Dr. Heiko Petersen,
Labor Dr. Fenner und Kollegen, human-medicine and diagnostic laboratory, Hamburg, Germany

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