For in-vitro diagnostics use. This product is characterized by the EchoLUTION single-step purification technology, an instant lysis without incubation for swab samples, and a fast lysis step of 10 minutes for stool samples. Together, the overall extraction time is reduced to a minimum and the workflow results in consistent performance.  The product complies with the European In-Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) and is CE-marked. The product is not available in countries outside of the European Union (EU). If you are interested in this product for countries outside the EU, please contact us.Features: Convenience and speed: Single-step purification allows complete extraction of 2 x 96 swab samples within 20 minutes. Appropriate for any lab—from low to high throughput and for manual and automated workflows.High compatibility: Compatible with nasopharyngeal swabs and oropharyngeal swabs and different types of non-chaotropic and chaotropic resuspension and transport media as well as for stool samples.Validation: IVDR-compliant and CE-marked. It can be integrated into diagnostic laboratory routines and ensures high-quality standards.Reliable results: With no organic solvents added and by reliable removal of other inhibitors, kit usage results in high-quality viral RNA or DNA for downstream applications like (RT-)PCR.Sustainability: Up to 70% less plastic consumption compared to other extraction methods

From €404.00*
LyseNtact Buffer New Formula (IVD)
For in-vitro diagnostics use. Buffer for efficient viral lysis.

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