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    Speed up Your PCR Tests for COVID-19 Diagnostics

Overcome your SARS-CoV-2 testing challenges

Fast and reliable RT-qPCR testing at scale belongs to the key tools to diagnose SARS-CoV-2 infections and to prevent further COVID-19 transmission. However, processing samples rapidly and mastering sudden increases in the sample throughput is not without challenges. The laborious and time-consuming nucleic acid extraction procedures, time and cost of upscaling as well as supply chain issues are common bottlenecks.

BioEcho helps you meet your SARS-CoV-2 testing challenges by providing today’s fastest and simplest viral nucleic acid extraction. Our solutions enable diagnostic labs to scale up for high demands, to perform more tests in a shorter time, and to get answers faster.

Secret weapon BioEcho

Watch how a diagnostic laboratory managed to process 4000 Corona PCR tests per day:

Triple speed

RNA extraction three times faster with half the protocol steps of common methods.

Scale-up quickly

Massively increase throughput for peak sample demand with many thousands of tests per day.

Adapt throughput to your needs

Solution for middle- and high throughputs to scale up easily and provide flexibility in a cost effective way.

Easy integration

Simple integration into stationary as well as mobile test stations with your standard laboratory equipment.

Inhibitor-free RNA

Highly pure SARS-CoV-2 RNA for reliable and reproducible RT-qPCR tests. 

Reduced consumable costs

Less consumable consumption due to fewer workflow steps compared to other methods.

No supply bottlenecks

Our scalable production capacities ensure that your products are always available - even during periods of high demands! Another plus: less pipette tips needed means more independence in times of supply shortages.

Triple the speed & halve the steps

Reliably testing large numbers of samples in the shortest possible time while maintaining high sensitivity is essential for pandemic control. Our EchoLUTION technology relies on a single-step nucleic acid isolation. Nucleic acids pass through the purification matrix without interaction, while impurities are held back and are completely removed. Different from the conventional silica-based bind–wash–elute nucleic acid extraction method, our technology allows today’s fastest and simplest SARS-CoV-2 RNA extraction with highest purity.

With the EchoLUTION technology, no incubation is needed for viral lysis. After a centrifugation step to prepare the column or plate, the purification is accomplished in a single one-minute centrifugation. Compare to silica-based methods using the bind–wash–elute principle that include several centrifugation steps, prolonging the workflow drastically.

„During the pandemic, we sequenced many SARS-CoV-2 samples to gain more insights on the genetic basis of current SARS-CoV-2 variants. Using the EchoLUTION Viral RNA/DNA Swab Kit significantly reduced the time required to extract the SARS-CoV-2 RNA and resulted in high-quality RNA to ensure robust sequencing results.”

Moritz Hass,
Lab Manager, MVZ Sonnen-Gesundheitszentrum SOGZ, Germany

“Tourism is such an important industry for Cyprus and our laboratories must be as efficient as possible to deal with the huge numbers of passengers that visit our island every year. Thanks to the innovative extraction system of BioEcho, we have been able to eliminate bottlenecks at peak times and increase the overall efficiency of our COVID-19 PCR testing operations in a cost-effective manner without compromising the quality of our results”.

Dr. Christos Shammas, 
Director of Bioanalysis, Limassol, Cyprus

“The automated RNA extraction workflow allowed us to process the large volumes of samples we received from hospitals and others much faster. The most important thing in fighting the Corona pandemic, especially at the beginning, was not to be able to send a positive result days later, but within 24 hours.”

Dr. Thomas Fenner, 
Managing Director, Fenner laboratory, Germany

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