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Accelerate & simplify your DNA extraction

Climate change, growing population, and increasing demands for sufficient nutrition — the need to optimize animal breeding is paramount to meet the global food demand. Next-generation technologies are common practices for studying genotypes, gene expression, and epigenetics to evaluate genetic influences on traits and diseases of animals used as food.

Large-scale processing of many of samples requires DNA extraction that is fast, cost-effective, and results in high yield and excellent purity — processing that is often accomplished with a time-consuming, laborious and costly procedure. Difficult-to-extract samples, such as blood or tissue from cattle, horses, and pigs, often produce low DNA quality and yield. In addition, DNA extraction solutions are needed that are suitable to use with a variety of animal species and sample types.

BioEcho is committed to providing nucleic acid extraction solutions for animal breeding and veterinary research that are simple, scalable, and affordable. Our solutions enable breeders and researchers to conveniently extract animal DNA in less time, with fewer handling steps, at higher throughput, and in superior quality — for a wide range of animal species and sample types.

One technology, multiple species

Make DNA accessible even from difficult-to-extract species, tissues and sample types.

High DNA quality and yield

Even from difficult-to-extract species and tissues — for reliable and reproducible downstream applications.

Simplify workflow significantly

Less hands-on time and half the protocol steps of common methods.

Increase throughput

Significantly faster nucleic acid extraction than conventional methods.

Flexible throughputs

Medium- or high-throughput solutions provide the best flexibility and highest cost efficiency.

Easy integration

Simple to integrate into routine and automated applications.

Sustainability is in our DNA:

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle with EchoLUTION

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Increase purity & yield across different animal species

Extracting DNA from many types of animal samples often results in unfavorable gDNA yields and purity for downstream applications. The root cause of reduced yield is often differences in cell numbers, for example in blood and tissue, between animal species.

BioEcho’s EchoLUTION extraction technology involves a lysis step that is tailored to various animal sample types, allowing efficient lysis and purification as well as avoiding carryover of contaminants.

Particularly in experiments where sensitivity is of high importance (such as qPCR with limited sample material), EchoLUTION-purified DNA outperforms silica-based technology.

  • Up to fivefold more DNA yield than with silica-based kits
  • No toxic substances or chaotropic salts, which inhibit downstream applications

The fastest & simplest animal DNA extraction

Tedious bind–wash–elute procedures build a bottleneck in daily routines. Our EchoLUTION technology relies on single-step nucleic acid isolation with a one-minute centrifugation. Nucleic acids pass through the purification matrix without interaction, while impurities are held back and are completely removed. Different from the conventional silica-based bind–wash–elute nucleic acid extraction method, our technology allows today’s fastest and simplest plant DNA extraction with highest purity.

  • Process 96 samples in less than 1 hour
  • Half the steps of common methods

Animal Breeding & Veterinary Research Solutions

EchoLUTION Buccal Swab DNA Kit

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EchoLUTION Blood DNA Kit

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EchoLUTION Tissue DNA Kit

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Nucleic Acid Extraction Service

Free up resources and hand over your genomic DNA extraction to us. We extract gDNA from almost every animal species or tissue!

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Nucleic acid extraction workflow optimization

Leverage our expertise and get your DNA extraction workflow streamlined by the BioEcho nucleic acid experts!

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