EchoSAFE RNA Gel Loading Buffer
Buffer for formamide-free and formaldehyde-free loading of RNA onto denaturing agarose gels.

From US$158.40*
EchoSAFE Viral Transport Medium
For efficient viral stabilization.

From US$628.10*
PurifyLater Tissue Stabilizer
For tissue stabilization to extract RNA and DNA at a later timepoint.

From US$131.10*
RNase, DNase-free (200 kunitz unit/ml), 1 ml
For RNA removal during DNA purification.

TurboLyse B (Blood) Protease Mix
For efficient lysis of blood samples.

From US$53.50*
TurboLyse C (CellCulture) Protease Mix
For efficient lysis of cell culture samples.

From US$57.00*
TurboLyse P (Plant) Protease Mix
For efficient lysis of plant samples. This product is for use with the EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kits.

From US$54.70*
TurboLyse T (Tissue) Protease Mix
For efficient lysis of tissue samples.

From US$55.80*
gDNA Removal Mix
For DNA removal during RNA purification with the EchoLUTION Cell Culture RNA Kit.

From US$55.80*
LyseNtact Buffer New Formula (IVD)
For in-vitro diagnostics use. Buffer for efficient viral lysis.

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