BioEcho Steel Beads, 4 mm (2,000 beads)

For fast and efficient sample homogenization.

EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kit
For single-step DNA purification from plant tissues from a wide range of plant species. Suitable for fresh and frozen plant tissues like leaves and seed samples. Features:Convenience and speed: Workflow completed in less than 1.5 hours for 96 samples.High compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of plant species such as strawberry, parsley, tomato, potato, wheat, barley, and many others. High sensitivity: Highly pure DNA free of contaminants and inhibitorsReliable results: Lysis under aqueous conditions results in long and intact DNA perfectly suited for downstream applications such as PCR and NGS.Sustainability: Up to 56 % less plastic consumption compared to other extraction methods and no usage of hazardous reagents.

From US$46.70*
Bead Beating Buffer Plant
For efficient plant tissue disruption and sample homogenization. This product is for use with the EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kits. 

RNase, DNase-free (200 kunitz unit/ml), 1 ml
For RNA removal during DNA purification.

TurboLyse P (Plant) Protease Mix
For efficient lysis of plant samples. This product is for use with the EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kits.

From US$54.70*
Lysis Plate 96, Type 1 (8 plates)
Validation: RUO | Quantity: 8 plates
For sample lysis. Lysis Plate 96 Type 1, round-well 1 mL (8 plates) and Cap Strips.Suitable for bead-beating with steel beads.

Tube & Cap Strips (8 racks of 96)
Validation: RUO
For efficient sample homogenization and lysis. Suitable for bead-beating with steel beads.

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