Plant DNA Extraction

Extract DNA even from difficult plant samples

The EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kits enable the extraction of genomic DNA from different plant species and tissues such as leaves, roots, seeds, fruits, and flower buds or blossoms. The plant kits are suitable for samples collected freshly, freeze-dried, or in liquid nitrogen. 

Our EchoLUTION technology prevents the interaction between the DNA and chaotropic salts and organic solvents, which results in high-pure DNA suitable for downstream applications such as PCR, genotyping, and next-generation sequencing (NGS).

3 x faster lysis step 

Compared to conventional methods. Reduce hands-on time with the one-minute extraction technology.

Higher DNA yield and recovery

Obtain inhibitor-free DNA and high concentrations for different plant species and tissues.

No hazardous reagents

For you and the environment.

“The innovative EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kit takes the hassle out of extracting DNA from various plant species, making the process easier, faster, and more sustainable than ever before. We believe in the potential of EchoLUTION technology, because of their reliable results and efficient downstream applications.”

Dr. Josh Clevenger,  
HudsonAlpha Institute of Biotechnology, USA

“We use the EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kit to isolate high-quality DNA from large input samples of difficult tissues. Our previous protocol was challenging and time-consuming and with their innovative and flexible EchoLUTION technology, BioEcho enabled us to streamline and significantly shorten this process.

Dr. Kai Ament, 
Bejo Zaden B.V. Warmenhuizen, Netherlands

“We compared the EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kit with our established silica-technology based kit. Using the BioEcho kit we obtained genomic DNA in high yields much faster and easier than before. We were impressed about the simplicity of the whole process.

Dr. Yang Yi, 
Environment and Plant Protection Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences

“We have tested and have very good experiences with BioEcho’s Plant 96 kit. The consumption of plastic is less and the extraction process is faster and simpler than before on our Cybio-Felix robot. We have had a really good collaboration with BioEcho and their local distributor Kem-En-Tec Nordic, who have been very flexible and helpful with the setup and automation process.

Dr. Emiko Murozuka, 
Carlsberg Research Laboratory, Copenhagen, Denmark

“We have thoroughly tested BioEcho’s EchoLUTION DNA extractions kits for animal tissue and plant materials and use these very successfully in our routine workflows. Besides the technical reliability of the kits, we like BioEcho’s sustainability approach a lot. Using their kits, we save a lot of plastic waste and don’t have any hazardous liquid waste anymore!”

Jérôme Morinière (CEO) & Dr. René Tänzler (CTO),   
Advanced Identification Methods – AIM GmbH, Munich, Germany

Sustainability is in our DNA:

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle with EchoLUTION

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EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kit
For single-step DNA purification from plant tissues from a wide range of plant species. Suitable for fresh and frozen plant tissues like leaves and seed samples. Features:Convenience and speed: Workflow completed in less than 1.5 hours for 96 samples.High compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of plant species such as strawberry, parsley, tomato, potato, wheat, barley, and many others. High sensitivity: Highly pure DNA free of contaminants and inhibitorsReliable results: Lysis under aqueous conditions results in long and intact DNA perfectly suited for downstream applications such as PCR and NGS.Sustainability: Up to 56 % less plastic consumption compared to other extraction methods and no usage of hazardous reagents.

From US$46.70*
TurboLyse P (Plant) Protease Mix
For efficient lysis of plant samples. This product is for use with the EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kits.

From US$54.70*
Bead Beating Buffer Plant
For efficient plant tissue disruption and sample homogenization. This product is for use with the EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kits. 


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