Cell Culture RNA Extraction

High-quality RNA extraction from various cell types

With the EchoLUTION Cell Culture RNA Kit, high purity RNA can be extracted fast and easily from human and animal cell lines and primary cells. The ultra-fast lysis combined with the EchoLUTION technology enables RNA extraction in just one single step. The result is a highly pure RNA, free of inhibitors and perfectly suited for downstream applications.

3 x faster 

Compared to conventional methods

~70% fewer handling steps

Compared to silica-based methods

Ultra-fast lysis

Inactivates nucleases and stabilizes RNA

“The EchoLUTION 96-well plates for RNA purification has been a great addition to our high throughput screening assays. The quality of the eluted RNA in very high, and the extraction process is fast and very efficient. By downscaling our transfection to 96-well plates we are saving by scaling down transfection reagents and other consumables.”

Lise Lolle Holm, PhD 
Postdoc at University of Southern Denmark.

“Our institute develops efficient and cost-effective analytical methods for health research. For RNA extraction in cardiovascular research, we compared the EchoLUTION™ Cell Culture RNA Kit to the QIAGEN® RNeasy® Kit and were able to reduce the time needed by over 60 %. The protocol is stunningly easy and truly fun to work with.

Miriam Kleindl,
Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften – ISAS – e.V.

“I first got interested in the EchoLUTIONTM Cell Culture RNA Kit because of a desire to be more sustainable in our research practice. My group used the Kit for extraction of total RNA from human cells in culture and further RT-qPCR. It worked well and we are very happy with the short processing time. We will continue using it.

Valérie Allamand, PhD 
Research Center in Myology- Sorbonne University 

How to use EchoLUTION

See how fast and convenient Cell Culture RNA extraction can be.

Sustainability is in our DNA:

Reduce — Reuse — Recycle with EchoLUTION

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Cost savings with the EchoLUTION Cell Culture RNA Kit

Automated RNA extraction with EchoLUTION reduces costs compared to silica methods.

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