Tissue RNA Extraction

High-quality RNA with

no phenol/chloroform

The EchoLUTION Tissue RNA Kit allows for easy, rapid, and efficient RNA extraction from mammalian tissue samples. Our EchoLUTION technology allows the extraction of nucleic acids in a single step after sample homogenization and ultra-fast lysis. The excellent yield and purity of total RNA obtained with the EchoLUTION Tissue RNA Kit makes it perfectly suited for downstream applications such as RT-qPCR and RNA-seq. Like this, it gives researchers and scientists in drug discovery, sequencing, and/or basic research, such as oncology, immunology, and transcriptomics a solution at hand.

Faster workflow  

Save more than half of the time as compared to established kits

High-quality RNA

Obtain premium RNA for use in RT-qPCR and RNA-seq

No phenol/chloroform

Reduce hazardous liquid waste to a minimum and eliminate TRIzol® and chloroform from your workflow

Up to 60 % faster than conventional methods

High RNA integrity and superior amplifiability

Comparable integrity of the RNA extracted from brain tissue with EchoLUTION Tissue RNA Kit and a silica-based kit (plate format). The electrophoretic separation of the RNA indicates that the EchoLUTION Tissue RNA Kit allows the extraction of small RNAs below 200 nt (*). The RINe data were obtained with TapeStation®.

High purity with EchoLUTION Tissue RNA Kit. RT-qPCR of the DDX5 gene expression displays lower Ct values with EchoLUTION than with another supplier. The better amplifiability indicates higher RNA purity and no presence of inhibitors with the EchoLUTION Tissue RNA Kit.

“Our group investigates the molecular mechanisms underlying muscle function and plasticity. When we tested the EchoLUTION Tissue RNA Kit for RNA extraction from muscle tissue, we were impressed by its ease of use. Also, compared to our reference method, we were able to save 35 minutes for processing of 12 samples.”

Stefan Steurer,   
Technical Associate at Biozentrum, University of Basel, Switzerland.

Sustainability is in our DNA:

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle with EchoLUTION

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EchoLUTION Tissue RNA Kit
For single-step purification of total RNA from mammalian tissue samples (fresh frozen or stabilized). Features: Convenience and speed: Single-step purification, saving up to 60 % of processing timeHigh compatibility: Suitable for extraction of total RNA from fresh frozen or stabilized mammalian tissues, including challenging tissues such as muscleHigh sensitivity:  Highly pure RNA free of contaminants and inhibitorsReliable results: High purity and competitive RNA integrity perfectly suited for downstream applications such as RT-qPCR and RNA-seq Sustainability:  Less hazardous reagents - quality RNA without TRIzol/chloroform 

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