DNA Extraction

Extract DNA in a Fast, Reliable & Sustainable Way

Obtain DNA with the single-step purification method

DNA extraction is an essential step for genetic analysis and applications such as PCR, cloning, genotyping, next-generation sequencing (NGS), and many others. We offer a wide range of DNA extraction products suitable for multiple sample types and throughputs that allow you to extract high-quality DNA faster and more sustainably than conventional kits.

Our EchoLUTION technology allows you to extract DNA with single-step purification, avoiding carryover contaminants, cellular debris, and DNA inhibitors of downstream applications.

Get higher DNA yield and recovery

Obtain inhibitor-free DNA and high concentrations for various sample types and tissues

Simplify workflow significantly

Perform protocols with half the steps of conventional methods

Get results faster 

Reduce hands-on time with the one-minute extraction technology

Get throughput flexibility

Choose from available products for small, medium and high throughputs

 Require no hazardous reagents

Replace toxic reagents with environmentally friendly alternatives

Reduce environmental footprint

Enjoy 70% less plastic, plastic-free packaging,  and less transportation weight

DNA extraction products

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“We compared the EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kit with our established silica-technology based kit. Using the BioEcho kit we obtained genomic DNA in high yields much faster and easier than before. We were impressed about the simplicity of the whole process.

Dr. Yang Yi, 
Environment and Plant Protection Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences

“We are using BioEcho’s Tissue DNA Micro kit successfully and on a regular basis for DNA isolation from fish tissue samples.”

Jim Gardner, 
University of Edinburgh

“We used the BioEcho EchoLUTION Tissue DNA and Cell Culture DNA kits for extraction of genomic DNA from cultured cells and from fresh and stabilized human tissue. Both kits impressed with their simplicity, speed, and with stable and reproducible yields. Purified DNA could immediately be used for downstream applications, such as PCR. With the Cell Culture DNA Kit, we were also able to isolate plasmid DNA from eukaryotic cells for efficient subsequent transformation of E. coli.

Wieland Fahr, 
Department of Biotechnology, TU Braunschweig

“We at Advanced Identification Methods (AIM) are specialized in the analyses of the biodiversity of our environment using genomic methods. For example, we analyze bulk samples derived from insect traps and mixed plant, wood, and soil samples by extracting the total DNA from the biological samples and a subsequent identification of individuals present by DNA metabarcoding. We have thoroughly tested the EchoLUTION DNA extractions kits for animal tissue and plant materials and use these very successfully in our routine workflows. Besides the technical reliability of the kits, we like the sustainability approach of BioEcho a lot. Using their kits, we save a lot of plastic waste and don’t have any hazardous liquid waste anymore!

Jérôme Morinière, 
CEO, Advanced Identification Methods – AIM GmbH, Leipzig, Germany

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Guppy gDNA extraction for microsatellite genotyping

Charlesworth et al. researched the evolution of the guppy Y chromosome. The authors used the EchoLUTION Tissue DNA Kit to extract gDNA for high-throughput, microsatellite, and intron-length variants genotyping.   

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Bee gDNA extraction for NGS

Husemann et al. researched the mitogenomic phylogeny of bee families. The DNA extraction was performed with the EchoLUTION Blood DNA HiYield Kit for NGS-library preparation.

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Barley gDNA extraction for genotyping

Scientists from Spain and Hungary researched the responses of barley to high ambient temperatures. The BioEcho Plant DNA Kit was used for genomic DNA extraction for amplifications, KASP assay, and whole-genome genotyping.

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DNA extraction from mammalian cells

Researchers from TU Braunschweig extracted total DNA from a wide range of mammalian cell preparations and tissues.

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gDNA extraction from embryonic stem cells

Researchers at the University of Bonn investigated an inducible overexpression system in mouse embryonic stem cells. The EchoLUTION Cell Culture Kit was used to extract the genomic DNA, which was used to determine copy number by qPCR.

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